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10 Years of Hush Recordz Digital

10 Years of Hush Recordz Digital by Various Artists.

Lisbon based record label Hush Recordz celebrates its 10th anniversary of digital releases. The Electronic music digital label, which has enjoyed 150 releases, is run by DJ Magillian and prolific Portuguese producer Mikalogic.

Magillian, currently runs the operation, but the label music has taken him all over Europe and Mikalogic runs the Mastering Chains. At the time Magillian and Mikalogic had a residency at Lisbon infamous venue Op Art where some of the World’s finest underground DJs regularly played.
Over the next few years, both managed to produce a number of tracks and sign a number of new artists to the label. The label continued to develop over the next few years and gained the support from some of the biggest names in the industry.
Nowadays, the label is now designed to take advantage of the iPod generation’s increasing thirst for downloadable music.
The project was never driven by money, so the love of the music, the past decade has had its fair share of ups and downs for the electronic music industry, but the support of all artists, DJs and label followers has helped us through the hard times.
The last ten years have been an adventure with highs and lows, but we are extremely proud of what has been achieved. It has taken a great deal of perseverance to keep going, it is almost as though it is beyond rational thought. We have done plenty of other jobs to supplement the project. Sometimes it is hard for people to understand what it’s like to run an independent electronic music project like this, but the satisfaction we get is worth a lot.
Hush Recordz will release three 10th anniversary digital series made of handpicked tracks to celebrate the milestone.Hush Recordz Imprint.