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Groove Nomada – Om Tryambakam Remixes

Groove Nomada – Om Tryambakam Remixes has landed. 

The remixes EP, completes the journey of discovery and growth began on the acclaimed debut single with a pack of remixes that expand the original release.

We invited some open-minded producers to interpret the tune with different flexible styles.

Firstly, is Oz Romita, who modifies, placing deep and melodic progressions dissolving snares against the softness of this lovely mantra and beauty of the subject. Hope you enjoy listen to Groove Nomada – Om Tryambakam Remixes. 

Secondly, is young talent Niko Adriatti, who refashions the track, keeping a slow pace while rising its hopeful potential with deep anchoring chords.

In addition, there is Sinan Kaya, whose sound experiments have lent a deconstruction touch, keeping the original’s melodies while pushing it further into a dance floor flying rhythms.

Completing the circle of  Om Tryambakam Remixes remixes. Groove Nomada’s delivers a faster edit of the original and push forward to a rightful and hopeful end with this short remix collection. Opening the door to others and letting them apply the reflections of their own, journeys.

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