Você está visualizando atualmente Pissi & Junior Mi’s ‘Jembe’ Beatport Afro House Top 100 track!

Pissi & Junior Mi’s ‘Jembe’ Beatport Afro House Top 100 track!

Pissi & Junior Mi´s Jembe featured on Beatport Top 100 Afro House

Here at Musica Gourmet, we are always thrilled to present you with the freshest beats and rhythms from artists across the globe.

Today, we are beaming with pride as our latest release.

‘Jembe’ by Junior Mi and Pissi, has made a fantastic leap on the Afro House Top 100 on Beatport, clinching position 56!

Hailing from Greece, Junior Mi and Pissi have been sending waves across the electronic music landscape for quite some time now. The duo’s individual artistic flair, blended with their collaborative ingenuity, sets them apart as truly innovative creators in the burgeoning Afro House scene. ‘Jembe’, their latest release, serves as a testament to their craft – a hypnotic fusion of authentic African rhythms and pulsating modern electronic elements.

The track ‘Jembe’ is a delight to the senses. Its vibrant percussions and irresistible rhythms have been captivating Afro House enthusiasts around the globe, making it a must-have addition to any dance floor. But the beauty of ‘Jembe’ lies not just in its effusive rhythm, but in the meticulous blend of traditional and modern sonic elements. The track elegantly captures the essence of Africa while injecting a surge of contemporary electronic energy that keeps listeners grooving.

As a label, Musica Gourmet takes immense pride in promoting artists who continually push the boundaries of music. Junior Mi and Pissi are shining examples of this ethos, using their creativity and talent to produce tracks that resonate with listeners and dance floors alike. The success of ‘Jembe’ is a testament to their innovative sound and Musica Gourmet’s commitment to showcasing diverse, high-quality music.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to strap on your dancing shoes and immerse yourself in the dynamic and infectious beats of ‘Jembe’. For all Afro House fans and music enthusiasts, this track is an essential addition to your playlist.

So, join us in celebrating this milestone and keep grooving to the rhythm of Musica Gourmet. With Junior Mi and Pissi leading the charge, the future of Afro House looks brighter than ever! Also Available on Bandcamp. 

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About Musica Gourmet:

Musica Gourmet is a music label dedicated to promoting and showcasing the most exciting and talented artists in the world of electronic music. With a special emphasis on Afro House, we bring a diverse range of innovative sounds to our listeners. Our mission is to celebrate music, creativity, and talent in all its forms, and we are proud to support artists like Junior Mi and Pissi who embody these values.